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About Haddonfield Crew

Haddonfield Crew Club offers HMHS-affiliated rowing teams during the fall, winter, and spring seasons. The club also offers middle school programs in the fall and spring and "learn to row" programs in the summer. The Haddonfield Crew Club is a non-profit organization with 501c3 status that is funded by rowers' families, fundraising, and sponsorships.

our coaches

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Board of Trustees


Robert Berman, President

Jay DiMarino, Vice President

Cheryl Tarditi, Secretary

Greg Shields, Treasurer

Dori Shields, Photographer

Beth Wassell, Website

Jennifer Davis, Fundraising

Geoff Mulvihill, Food Tent

Thomas Hazlett, Food Tent

Rachel Baylor, Events

Jennifer Bauman, Social Media

Our impact
Thriving On and
Off the River

Our rowers thrive on and off the river. All of our athletes are involved in other school or community activities. Our current rowers have leadership positions in National Honor Society, Jewish Culture Club, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, the Lemon Club, the Asian American Club, and many others. They also work part-time jobs during the summer and on the weekends. Most importantly, you'll often find them engaging in service through nonprofit organizations or in faith-based communities.

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Close Bonds

Teamwork, collaboration, and communication are key in the boat, but our rowers also have built a strong community and sense of belonging. HCC's seasoned rowers serve as mentors to the novice rowers. Our community is nurtured by team events, such as pre-regatta dinners, an annual banquet, family gatherings, and the regatta food tent, "the heart of the team," where rowers, families and friends come together at each regatta for fun, food, and fellowship.

Going on to

Great Things

HCC rowers go on to great things. Many have earned scholarships and continued to row in college. Recent HCC athletes have gone on to row at prestigious institutions such as Fordham, Clemson, Drexel, UPenn, Dartmouth, Rutgers, Stanford, St. Joseph's, Southern Methodist, Syracuse, LaSalle, Washington College, George Washington, Sacred Hart, Stetson,  US Naval Academy, Franklin & Marshall, UC Berekley, Univ of Delaware, West Virginia, Tufts, Duquense, Northeastern and many others.

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PO Box 303

Haddonfield, New Jersey

0 8 0 3 3 

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See you at the river!

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